Milie     : my world







I call myself Milie, it has always been my nickname.


For my 'culinary masterpieces' ; I often choose subjects such as sweet delicacies, side dishes, childrens'tea parties....... 


Everyday objects ;

I generally take as a base, crokery, kitchen utensils : spoons, ladles, plates, bowls, casseroles, teapots...


Transforming everyday objects

They become the base, which supports the theme. They give inspiration for my clay models.

What a strange idea ! They are no longer fonctionnal. Each piece is unique. 


The objects become the home for :

Farm animals, childhood, memories, characters from favourite books. These animals in their 'sunday best' take the stage.


Emotions ;

A joyous happy animal, funny and 'gourmande'.

A small idealised world and which attracts deepest emotions.

Each one has its short history, playful and poetic.


They create a 'fete' on my sideboard.

The menagerie laugh.